Ulrike Ziegler
Ulrike Ziegler


Ulrike Ziegler is president of impact, a non-profit association founded in early 2022 by leading financiers in Aviation. impact, a global platform, aims at promoting transparency on airlines' CO2 data, providing tangible KPIs to measure and track their carbon footprint and enhancing industry-wide discussion on sustainability.
Ulrike has more than 20 years aviation experience and held senior positions at UniCredit Bank as Global Head of Aircraft Finance and at ING Germany as Head of Aviation. She has worked with airlines and lessors around the globe at various stages of their business development. Keen to facilitate change she has spearheaded major strategic projects at both UniCredit and ING. 
Ulrike has served as member of the Investment Committee at HSH Global Aircraft I from 2007 through 2017. Prior to her aviation career she has worked in Project Finance, Export Finance and Syndications

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Is it impacting on whom they can lend to, is there an anticipation banks will struggle to lend given their own governance/public image pressures, are they able to get the information they need to make decisions? How does the EU ETS revision affect European and global carbon pricing?

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Ulrike Ziegler
President, IMPACT
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