Claudia Hügel
Claudia Hügel
Senior Director

Deutsche Lufthansa AG


Claudia Hügel has been responsible for group-wide sustainability / ESG rating and reporting at Lufthansa Group for more than 6 years. She deals with the national and international ESG regulation landscape such as the non-financial declaration, the EU Taxonomy, CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), the ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards), ISSB (International Sustainability Standards Board) as well as GRI, SDGs. In this capacity Claudia addresses also the overall strategic aspects of ESG and future impacts for the airline industry. She is also responsible for the Lufthansa Group’s Reporting which addresses in particular the finance industry such as the Lufthansa Group’s Sustainability Factsheet, the TCFD-, SASB- and CDP reporting to name the most important ones.

Claudia Hügel acts as interface to the finance community and in particular towards investor relations, corporate finance and deals with analysts and rating agencies.

In this capacity Claudia has been nominated chairwoman of IATAs Sustainable Finance Taskforce, is a member of A4Es Environmental Working Group, a member of “econsense” Steering Committee and acts as an expert for impact and CAF/RMI.

Since 2001 Claudia has been working at Lufthansa Group in various senior management positions. She was responsible at headquarters for the global sales strategy and sales steering before moving to Singapore as country representative for the Lufthansa Group overlooking sales in parts of Asia including Oceania. Back in headquarters Claudia Hügel established Lean Management for the Lufthansa Group as an approach to agile working processes and set up a group-wide Process Academy.

Before joining Lufthansa Group Claudia worked as a project manager at Roland Berger, International consultants for 4 years. Claudia studied business administration focussing on corporate strategy at Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich.

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