Sarah Wilkin
Sarah Wilkin
Founder & CEO

Fly Green Alliance

Sarah is founder & CEO of FGA, a grantee in 2018 when herself and green chemistry professor, Shiju Raveendran at University of Amsterdam gained a sustainable travel grant to work on the R&D for SAF which was a milestone for SAF awareness, being the first time the tech had been picked up by the business travel industry. 
Previously she worked in digital, advertising and market research before switching careers in 2018, and brought this knowledge to sustainable aviation developments to push innovation in the area and to bring a new perspective. 
Sarah went on to introduce and pioneer the concept of turning SAF into a credit/unit in 2019 for access for and cost sharing with the business travel sector, gaining approval from global certification body Gold Standard. She also supported Amex Global Business Travel to bring their work to market and this spurred a host of work on the access of SAF for business travellers through a unit which has lead to other mechanisms being developed by industry SAF leaders as well as the Book & Claim approach. 
Sarah is now developing work with the business travel and sports sectors through FGA & FGA Sports to speed up the acceleration of the energy transition in travel through consultancy, education, and development of new businesses models.  
This year she is a judge for the Business Travel Sustainability Awards and FGA is going into a pilot phase of membership sponsored by aviation insurers Convex. 

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